The Educational Ostrich 

In French
Scientific and practical information on wild and farm-bred ostriches reconfigured for educational purposes. 


The Educational Dromedary

In French
The camel in all of its glory, from ordinary to extraordinary situations: an original work combining together the knowledge of a scientist, a farmer, and two camel drivers. 


The Educational Tsetse FlyLa mouche tsé-tsé pédagogique

Bilingual French/English

In order to make the complexity of vector-borne parasitic diseases easier to understand, this bilingual, French/English compilivre combines the knowledge of entomolologists on tsetse flies, parasitologists on trypanosomes, veterinarians on livestock and wildlife, and doctors on human health. 


The Universe of Bacteria

Invisible but omnipresent, unappreciated but important, a source of both comfort and discomfort for plants, animals, and people, bacteria underpin the entire living world, from the microscopic to the planetary level, and have been evolving for over three million years.

The Educational platypusL'ornithorynque pédagogique

Bilingual French/English

This work is an invitation to discover the world of the platypus, a symbol of Australia and a witness to the long history of the evolution of mammals. The first part of the book presents the platypus in all its forms. The second part reveals how the recent discovery of the platypus' genetic code has thrown new light on the evolution of certain major physiological functions of living beings: lactation, reproduction, sex dertermination, sensory perception and natural defenses.

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