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Compilivres bring together knowledge derived from natural sciences and diverse disciplines around one topic. The choice of an original approach to the subject and of an unusual association of material in blocks of text facilitates the task of reading the work while enhancing the value of the topic addressed.  

Educational handbooks

The pocket-sized educational handbooks are produced with the support of Cirad research teams and partners. Rather than simplifying information, it is reconfigured so that understanding is accessible to everyone. Some subjects are addressed using original narrative modes that facilitate the transmission of knowledge, such as the scientific investigation and the narrative points of view. The handbooks facilitate both individual and collective learning.

  • Scientific investigations
    This narrative mode presents how scientific knowledge is built in a way that demystifies the process for the general public. It accompanies the transmission of scientific experiences as they actually are lived by researchers and is part of an attempt to preserve the collective memory and heritage of CIRAD and partner institutions.  
  • Narrative points of view
    In this narrative form, each actor-narrator chosen by the authors expresses him or herself in the first person and represents a thematic entryway into the focal theme. Readers are drawn into the given individual’s point of view that is built on scientific knowledge validated by experts in the field.  When readers finally close the handbook, after having experienced each point of view, they should be able to better situation the complexity and issues at stake of a health problem or scientific question within a social reality.

Scientific tales

These tales rely on empathy as a narrative mode in order to provide even the youngest readers access to knowledge about the facts and at times complex biological interactions of an animal’s life. By enabling readers to project themselves into the daily life of the animal, they serve to raise awareness and educate people about scientific topics.  

Educational comic books

Educational comic books stimulate the curiosity of young readers by relaying scientific information through images and stories.

Impact studies

Impact studies evaluate our beneficiaries’ perception of our works. By mapping their profiles and information needs, we can understand our beneficiaries better.

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